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High Flow CIP Nozzles

RSNHF – Rotary Spray Nozzle, High Flowrate Series
The AM Rotary Spray Nozzle is a retractable cleaning device specifically intended for use in harsh
and heavily dust laden environments (cyclones, reactors, storage vessels, etc). The use of high
quality materials, a customer-oriented design and years of engineering experience make our nozzles
the best choice when it comes to find a reliable cleaning device.
Main Features

  • Liquid-operated standard version, pneumatic actuator-operated version available on request
  • Highly customizable design
  • Available in a wide range of dimensions, strokes and materials (stainless steel, hastelloy, etc)
  • Few moving parts, rugged design and simple operation – No need for maintenance
  • Can be installed directly on the equipment to be cleaned
  • Can be installed through equipment insulation or fitted in existing nozzle connections
  • Retractable design – No interference with the process
  • Special design for use in full vacuum or ATEX environment available